Saturday, 17 November 2012

On the plot, like right on it.

Was up on the allotment today, had a big bonfire.  Dug up some parsnips - whoppers, eh?  I'd be up there all day if I could. But I've had to come home for a bit of a play.  Gig tomorrow supporting Chris and Julie at the folk club in Hitchin - nice folk there, it'll be good to see Maureen and Keiron and the gang.

I promise to try to do this more often. There's music and stuff in the pipeline and a whole lot more parsnips like these.  You just HAVE to hear about it.

Monday, 21 May 2012


Helen's relaxing on the sofa watching The Bridge on BBC iPlayer. She's just had a tooth extraction and is feeling a little low. But she'll be up and about again soon. Painting, decorating, gardening, cooking - all the things she loves to do. And she'll be singing too. Very soon.

We've just updated the gig listings on her gig page. But we haven't mentioned the Boat Gig - Jubilee fun on Skeens' houseboat in Burnham on Crouch. Mells the Messiah will be round tomorrow to go through a few tunes for that event.

Hoping to have the new album all ready for the upcoming gigs with Emily. It all sounds great and I'm really happy with it. Jake Creswell-Rost is designing us a cover. A cover for the cd, which are covers. So the title is "Tarpaulin". Only available at the gigs.