Saturday, 21 July 2018

Five years later ...

Last night it rained in Burnham on Crouch. This is a big deal, we've had no rain for about 5 weeks. I stood at the back door and smelled that particular smell made more pungent for its rarity.
So this morning I whipped down to the allotment on my bike expecting the flowers of courgettes and squash to be open and welcoming and freshened but quite honestly it looked like the rain had stopped at the gates.
It's been quite a thing watering all these weeks and quite a lot of people have given up. It's just too much.
But when the Brexit raiders come at night for my cabbages, I'll be there, with my hoe, defending the food for our plates.

I've just updated some upcoming gig dates with the Daphne's girls.  And if anybody is looking at this (if you have been looking for vegetable growing tips, you'll probably have died of starvation over the last 5 years) please come and see us.  We are brilliant.

But before all that - I'm out on the road with the very fabulous Snake Davis and Dave Bowie Junior as BoP3.  Find our dates here.